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Many Years of Proven Reliability
Single Ply Roofing membrane comes in a variety of materials and colors with the most popular being white or black. EPDM membrane is a thermoset material that has glued seams. Welded seams are used with thermoform membranes such as TPO and PVC. All of these materials come with 20- 25 year warranties and have proven their reliability.
Roof membranes can be attached to the building using stone ballast, mechanical fasteners, bonding adhesive or high performance foaming adhesive coupled with a factory installed fleece backing on the membrane. Custofoam Corporation is the main pioneer in FleeceBack Membrane Roofing with close to thirty years of experience in this product.
Fleece backed menbranes can be installed over many substrates including existing sprayed urethane foam. When installed over board stock insulation, FAST 100 Spray Adhesive strengthens the insulation facer and creates a true high strength laminate between the EPDM and the insulation. Leading the industry in wind uplift and hail damage resistance, FleeceBACK better resists punctures and tears than regular membrane. Custofoam offers 20-25 year warranties for all membrane roofing.

Installing White Membrane- Mechanically Attached
Installing EPDM Fleeceback with Foam Adhesive
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